After two months straight of 100°F+ days in Phoenix this summer, the prospect of visiting the more temperate climates of Seattle was both exciting and slightly terrifying. I most assuredly do not own waterproof clothing and I haven't seen a pair of pants since February. We can all agree, digging into the darker recesses of my closet for warmer layers only ever uncovers unwelcome surprises.

A few angry glares at the kittens, their plaintive mews over my absent enthusiasm for generous hairball gifts notwithstanding, and a curious lack of appropriate footware, I believe a Dr. Michael has been raiding my closet, I was packed and ready to explore the great Pacific Northwest! My friend Trevor and his new spouse, Megan, were generous enough to host my escape from the desert heat for the weekend =)

Seattle is a gorgeous place to escape! There is nothing like efflorescent greenery and the gentle kiss of a misty rain to foster an appreciation for our natural world. The highlight of the trip was most certainly a delightful 6.5 mile hike to Lake Twentytwo near Granite Falls, Washington.

We turned a bend to find the tranquil Lake Twentytwo beckoning. The delightful cool drizzle and misty clouds were hard to capture on camera, but truly created a special and magical moment.

Lake Twentytwo

Bonus Photos

Trevor and Megan were kind enough to treat me to the sights of Seattle! The Seattle skyline from Gas Works Park and kayaking around Lake Union are adventures not to be missed.

Seattle Skyline from Gas Works Park

I've always been fond of my alma matter's campus, but the University of Washington's charming campus leaves me (almost) envious of Trevor's 7 years working on his doctorate in this beautiful space.